Why Kim Keating Founded Keating Advisors

By Kimberly KeatingPast NewsComments are off

Kim Keating recently shared why she started Keating Advisors with CEO Blog Nation:

“In my mid-30s, I was married, had a thriving consulting career, and had become a successful working mom. But my second pregnancy led to serious complications, and my twin daughters were born eight weeks early, weighing just over three pounds each. Their premature birth was a watershed personal and professional moment. I loved my work and I always envisioned a long consulting career. But I knew that the demands of working in a firm, which included long hours and travel, would not be sustainable with three young children under the age of three. I feared striking out on my own, as I had never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. But I am passionate about helping organizations design fair human resource systems that support equality and providing compensation data to empower individuals who want to be paid what they are worth. So, I found the courage to start a human resources consulting firm. That was almost 10 years ago. Since then, I have grown my business from two clients to delivering services to individuals and over eighty organizations on issues regarding compensation, pay equity, and ways to create high-performing HR systems.”