Rethink Your Association’s Compensation Systems

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Organizations that want to lure top talent to their associations—or even just keep the talent they currently have—would do well to take a second look at their compensation systems. But with competing priorities and projects on everyone’s plates, it can feel like there’s just no time to do so. Equally important is aligning compensation systems with the mission and strategic goals of associations.

Earlier this week, Keating Advisors Managing Director Jenn Wendus spoke on this topic at the 2017 ASAE Associations @ Work conference in Baltimore. Wendus suggests the following steps to help association leaders explore whether their compensation systems are producing the results they need:

  1. Think about your strategy and philosophy behind compensation.
  2. Dig into data, and do your research.
  3. Create a communication strategy.

For more information, check out Associations Now’s write-up of Wendus’ presentation in their Money & Business Blog.