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Strategizing & Defining an Improved Compensation Program

A banking organization in a major metropolitan area was growing rapidly but lacked talent management infrastructure. Without a formally defined salary structure, annual merit increases were often applied across the board with no connection to market trends or individual performance. The organization sought to respond to employee concerns by developing a system to ensure market competitiveness and differentiate pay increases based on performance.

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Creating and Defining Career Opportunities

A $30 million research nonprofit organization recently introduced a new performance evaluation system. To support the new system, the client needed clearer guidelines on promotion and career development. Previous attempts to define levels had led to confusion and perceived inequities.

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Driving and Rewarding Group Performance

A $45 million nonprofit association’s long history and success had fostered a culture of complacency amongst employees and leaders. The organization had a history of failed reward plans. The cyclical nature of the organization’s revenue made it difficult to develop effective long-term fundraising programs.

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Team-Based Work and Rewards

With a very loyal and tenured staff, a human services agency was struggling with paying competitively, internal pay compression, and a challenging organizational culture. Due to a new strategic plan set by management, the organization needed to elevate its human capital to a higher level of competency.

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Transitioning to Pay for Performance

As a growing $40 million technology company, the organization was struggling with a lack of consistency around compensation, internal equity, and performance management. The organization’s challenges required a more sophisticated and well-defined compensation program in order to retain their key contributors.

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