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Kim Keating, Founder and CEO of Keating Advisors, is a board member of, which encourages women to pursue their personal and professional goals. Kim is also a respected contributor to Sheryl Sandberg’s best-selling book, Lean In For Graduates, where she dispenses advice on how negotiate a fair salary.

Listen to Kim Keating talk to Dr. Mindy Levy about the things that make recent college grads the most anxious after graduation:


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For more information on negotiating your salary, please visit these resources:

Career Sites
Provides online career search services for both local and national job listings
Connects women to a network of women committed with similar career goals
Career site geared for college students and graduates
Career site geared for college students and graduates
Employment site with salary information for individuals seeking careers in the computer and technology industries
Career site that includes job postings and various job search resources and articles
A public library sponsored guide for job seekers including resumes, cover letters, salary surveys, and career selection
Business-oriented social networking service created to connect professionals
Executive professional development coaching
Premier online gateway to job, career, and education information sources

Stiletto Woman
Resource for women seeking careers in business
Job search engine for individuals with degrees
The government’s official site for Federal jobs and employment information
Offers career resources including company and university rankings and ratings, providing the inside scoop on individual industries
Online recruiting site for college educated women


Salary Surveys/Negotiation Tools
Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principle Federal agency responsible for measuring labor market activity and price changes in the economy
Provides an inside look at jobs and companies
Reports salary information for individuals seeking careers in the non-profit industry
Search engine that allows you to sort jobs by desired salary
Links individuals and businesses to the largest salary profile database in the world
The oldest commercial site for salary, benefits, and compensation data
Provides reporting on salaries, total compensation, and cost of living by city and state