About Us

About Us

Founded in 2003, Keating Advisors is headquartered in the Washington, DC region. We operate as a virtual company with consultants available to support organizations throughout the U.S.

Keating Advisors is a strategic human resource consulting firm that develops innovative talent management strategies and reward systems for our clients. We provide detailed and comprehensive data to organizations who need to determine exact salary requirements for every job.

Our Talent Alignment Model allows the Keating Advisors team to create transformative HR solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of industry standards, best practices, and up-to-date labor market data help clients deliver equitable compensation. Our successful talent attraction and retention initiatives create a foundation that enables organizations to achieve the highest levels performance.

Keating Advisors is a team of highly accomplished consultants, all of whom use a problem-solving approach that combines analytical rigor and qualitative assessment. We develop customized compensation plans for our clients that allows them to attract and retain talent, create a roadmap for staff’s career development, and develop cost-effective approaches for motivating and recognizing talent.

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