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Keating Advisors is a strategic human resource consulting firm that develops innovative talent management strategies and reward systems for our clients. We provide detailed and comprehensive information to individuals and organizations who need to determine exact salary requirements for every job.

Our Talent Alignment Model is a unique blend of quantitative analysis and qualitative assessment which allows the Keating Advisors team to create transformative HR solutions.  Through our in-depth knowledge of industry standards and best practices, up-to-the minute labor market data, and successful talent attraction and retention initiatives, we counsel our clients on how their workplaces can achieve the highest levels of outstanding performance.

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17 Jun

Kim Keating at Close Your Wage Gap

Close Your Wage Gap with Kim Keating hosted by the Center for Continuing and Professional Education  See Kim Keating at the Close Your Wage Gap event. On average in a year women leave $12,000 in compensation due to lack of [...]

06 Jun

Leading Women in Technology Present the Wilpower Workshops

Kim Keating is scheduled to conduct three Negotiate for Success workshops, with the 2015 Wilpower Program. The Program is a chance for women to learn how to elevate their professional success. The Negotiate for Success workshops will give women the [...]

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Testimonials / What Our Clients Are Saying

  • As a lawyer, I have attended a lot of negotiation classes and trainings, and I found Kim Keating’s seminar to be the most practical and helpful session I have ever attended on the topic.
    Sarah A., Washington, D.C. Lawyer

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  • When I graduated from college, I had no idea how to answer the question, “What kind of salary are you looking for?”. So before I walked into my first interview, I requested a Know Your Worth report from Keating Advisors. I received prompt and friendly assistance. Knowing the market range for my prospective job allowed me to negotiate confidently for a compensation package that covers all of my needs.
    Adam Marshall, Young College Graduate

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  • As one of the first clients of Keating Advisors, I did not hesitate to partner with them. They demonstrated industry knowledge and the willingness to go the extra mile to ensure our complete satisfaction. I continue to partner with Keating Advisors because of their high quality work and understanding of the importance of excellent client relationships.
    Rhonda Pierce, Former Human Resources Director, National Aquarium in Baltimore

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  • There are many factors involved in productivity and performance but I can say that salary and performance review play a key role, and Keating Advisors has contributed to better performance at Mary’s Center.
    Andreina Pradas, Human Resources Manager, Mary's Center for Maternal and Child Care

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