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Keating Advisors is a strategic human resource consulting firm that develops innovative talent management strategies and reward systems for our clients. We provide detailed and comprehensive information to individuals and organizations who need to determine exact salary requirements for every job.

Our Talent Alignment Model is a unique blend of quantitative analysis and qualitative assessment which allows the Keating Advisors team to create transformative HR solutions.  Through our in-depth knowledge of industry standards and best practices, up-to-the minute labor market data, and successful talent attraction and retention initiatives, we counsel our clients on how their workplaces can achieve the highest levels of outstanding performance.

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01 Jul

Will you be ready for the FLSA Overtime Rule changes?

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently published significant changes to the rules governing whether an employee is entitled to overtime compensation. The change may affect 4 million employees who are currently exempt from overtime pay requirements. All employers [...]

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  • A successful partnership is the best way to describe my professional relationship with Keating Advisors over the past 5+ years. As consultants, they are highly skilled, experienced and competent with an approach that is genuine and collaborative. I have tremendous respect for their guidance, technical expertise, creative problem solving and true partnership. Our work together in developing and more recently refining the compensation program has been extremely valuable for our employees and the organization as a whole.
    Ellen Abrams, Human Resources Director, Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan Association

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  • Thank you for the fabulous job you did speaking at our STRIDES, Advancing Women in Business event!  Your manner of presentation is warm yet confident and draws people in.  The comprehensive information and clear advice you provided will be invaluable to our participants.  You balanced humor with perspective and made a very serious and challenging subject seem manageable.   I heard so many positive comments (and heartfelt “thank you’s”) from participants.
    Christine, STRIDES: Advancing Women in Business Event Organizer

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  • The 'Know Your Worth' negotiation seminar broadened my knowledge of effective negotiation - from negotiating aspects of an offer package beyond the salary itself, to understanding an offer's impact on long term earning potential. I was prepared with the information I needed in order to negotiate a package that best fit my professional and personal needs.
    Rachel, Keating Advisors Negotiation Seminar Attendee

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  • I met Kim earlier this year at a negotiation seminar. I started a new job this week as associate general counsel. I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for giving me the confidence and tools in the seminar to successfully negotiate my salary package. I felt empowered in rejecting the first offer and really pushing the envelope to get the salary and title I wanted and deserved. My negotiation on behalf of myself gave me credibility before I even started with my company. Because of my salary negotiations, the CEO referred to me as a bulldog attorney when introducing me to the company! Thanks again!
    Nina, Associate General Counsel

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